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Deck Design Ideas to Express Your Style

If you’re purchasing one of the new homes in Lakeville MN that has a deck or back patio area, don’t leave it as an afterthought. With some thoughtful design ideas, it can be an extension of your living area and your personal style. Plus, with the right additions, you can get more use from it throughout much of the year.

The first thing to do is to think about how you want to use the space and how it can reflect your personal style. Minimalist, maximalist, beachy, or boho, your deck can express your style, no matter your preferences. Whether you want it purely as a place for the family to relax and maybe dine outdoors or if you’re looking for a place to entertain family and friends, once you know how you want to use it, you can focus more on creating a space that meets those needs.

Many people enjoy dining outdoors when the weather is nice, but still want a comfortable seating area. The key is to define these separate areas, but keep a united color and design scheme. You can choose colorful chairs for the dining table and continue that color scheme in the cushions for your outdoor seating, which ties the whole deck together.

To help define the individual areas, you can use large outdoor rugs that help frame the separate spaces. In addition, use planters and tall potted plants to help frame or separate the two areas, much as you would do indoors with an open-plan layout.

Lighting is also important so that you can enjoy the space well into the evening. Strings of lights strung up above the deck add a casual sense of whimsy. If your deck area is covered, consider decorative, statement light fixtures to really add style to the space. Even if your deck isn’t covered, you can install stylish light fixtures such as wall-mounted lamps to the exterior of your home. Candles, torches, oil lamps, and even solar-powered lights can be used in other areas of the deck to provide attractive and effective lighting.

For the seating area, don’t scrimp on attractive furniture. Look for outdoor furniture that represents your personal style and make the most of seat cushions to add color, style and comfort. Using a specific color palette throughout the deck, whether it’s seating or dining, or even flowers, can help pull the space together and make it look like a true extension of your home. Plus, a deck is a great place to be bolder with colors, such as a mix of light blue and deep reds, bright orange,  mint green, or lush purple.

To keep the outdoor cushions looking their best throughout the year, consider a built-in storage bench that can hold and protect them when not in use, but also serve as additional seating.

Finally, don’t forget a fire pit, which is a great center point of your deck and helps you get more use out of your outdoor living for longer in your new homes in Lakeville MN. If you’re looking for an attractive home and outdoor deck, contact us today to learn more about our home designs.

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