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Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

With more homes in Lakeville MN featuring lofts, flex rooms, and bonus rooms, the opportunity to fulfill your dream of your very own craft room can be a reality. Still, once you have that crafting dedicated space of your own, it’s important to keep it organized so you can create wonderful things without the frustration of digging through piles of supplies. Here are some tips to create a creative approach to organization.

First up, cube bookcases are almost a must-have item. The individual cubbyholes allow you to store a variety of supplies while maintaining neat and organized divisions. Whether you choose colorful plastic bins, wicker baskets, or simply line up certain supplies in neat rows, it’s easy to keep each type of crafting supply in its own space. Just don’t forget to label any boxes and baskets so  you know exactly where everything is.

If you have a worktable against the wall, you should dedicate at least some of the space above the table for a pegboard. This is an easy way to keep items organized but easy to reach. From a variety of scissors to cup-like storage that holds pencils or paint brushes, there’s a range of supplies that can be hung from a peg board with just a simple S hook. You can even paint your board to complement or blend with your craft room.

Next to the peg board, you should probably have a mood or inspiration board. This helps keep everything from building up on your table while also remaining visible for that moment of inspiration.

When it comes to craft room organization, it’s important to look at items typically for other rooms and see how they could be used for your storage and organization. A thrift-store glass-fronted china cabinet is a great way to keep items visible, as well as dust-free, and all with a bit of panache. Use glass storage jars for small, loose items so you can see them easily but keep them easily contained. Check out various jewelry holders for storing washi tape or bobbins of yarn or thread. An entry storage piece with hooks for coats and separate areas for mail, etc., can be used for scissors and fat quarters or other fabric stashes.

Rolling storage, particularly shelving units on wheels and even hinges can be great for storing jars of small paints on one side and cutting mats on the other. You could even stick your ironing board on the back, out of sight and out of the way except for when you need it. Even more open-plan rolling storage is useful for organized crafting. You could use it as a grocery cart to gather the supplies for your current project or you can use the storage for permanent items, such as yarn, spray paint, or whatever materials you prefer.

If you have a large selection of threads on dowels, hang it up and put a frame around it! That goes for anything you hang on your walls. Make your supplies look like works of art in their own right and you’ll probably feel more encouraged and inspired to work. And don’t forget to display some of your finished pieces. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

Storage, whether it’s multiple bookcases, built-in storage in your work desk, hanging racks, or whatever you find works best for you, should still look nice, even if it’s a bit mix and match at first. Get creative with colors, frames, and some paint and you can have a room that looks like a creative masterpiece while also making it easier to create new pieces to display throughout your homes in Lakeville MN.

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