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Create the Ideal Homework Command Center

With school starting up, homework is soon going to become a major part of daily life. To ensure your children have the best environment to encourage them to focus and learn, consider setting up a designated homework command center in your new homes in Lakeville MN. A dedicated homework spot gives them room to spread out, but still stay organized, leading to more effective studying.

You want the homework center to be somewhere with few distractions and minimal noise. Key Land Homes offers a variety of floor plans that include options such as a recreational room, a study, or, in a pinch, convert a mud room into a study area. Of course, you can always set up a study area in your child’s bedroom, but there tend to be more distractions.

Wherever you set up, try to keep the area minimal with a good desk, a comfortable chair, and certainly any electrical outlets needed for computers and other electronics. You should also make sure the desk is big enough to hold both the computer and have room on the side for books or paperwork. Try to avoid too many distractions around the study area and keep the decor minimal, though organizational tools can still be colorful and attractive.

Keep the area organized with holders for pens and any other tools they may use regularly. You may even want to include an old-fashioned calculator rather than have them use the one on their smartphone. Keeping the phone out of the study area may help cut down on distractions.

In addition a corkboard and/or whiteboard for notes often comes in handy. It can also be used for notes of encouragement and reminders of past achievements. After all, a little encouragement can go a long way when a tough assignment comes up.

A wall calendar large enough to clearly write down various deadlines is a must. Even with calendars and reminders on phones and computers, it often helps to see at a glance just how many days are left before something is due. Us it for projects, tests, and anything else that needs time for preparation. It’s good for your children to see, but it’s also helpful for parents to make sure everything is being done on time.

Depending on the amount of paperwork involved, you may want to include some sort of filing system or trays for various subjects so that everything has its own place and won’t end up in a pile of random papers. You may want to color-code subjects and even label them by color on the calendar to help keep everything organized.

By providing enough space that is organized, comfortable, and with few distractions, your children will have fewer reasons for not getting their homework done. If you’re in the process of purchasing one of the new homes in Lakeville MN from Key Land Homes, talk to them about ensuring your new home will have space for its own homework command center.

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