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Create an Accent Wall in Your Primary Bedroom

The owner’s suite tends to be the primary bedroom in homes in Jordan MN, and their extra space makes them easy and fun to play around with color, pattern and more. The larger size of the room means that a bold accent wall won’t overwhelm the room. If you’re artistic, paint or create an accent wall with your own drawing and painting, otherwise, turn to paint colors, wallpapers, large-scale transfers, large works of art and more to help you create a unique accent wall in your bedroom.

Bedroom accent walls tend to be the wall behind the headboard of the bed and that works well as a way to frame and center the room. However, if you go for more visual designs, you may want to appreciate it more and put it on another wall that allows you to sit in bed and enjoy the view. The choice and bedroom arrangement is up to you; do what feels true to you and your personal style. Especially as your bedroom is unlikely to be seen by others very often, feel free to really express yourself.

One simple option is chair rail frames. You could create one or two large frames to create simple 3D visual interest or you could use those frames as larger frames containing additional works of art. Keep the railing the same color as the wall or choose a contrasting but complementary color. Alternatively, skip the chair rails and just choose one or two large works of art to hang above the bed for a strong visual impact.

Alternatively, use panelling behind the headboard, either in intricate wood patterns, such as herringbone, or consider padded, fabric-covered squares within a larger panel that the bed sits against. The fabric adds an extra touch of luxe.

A growing trend is using murals as a statement wall. This is when you might want to choose an alternate wall as your statement wall, so you can enjoy the view. Alternatively, you could choose a partial mural that frames your bed. There are so many options available in this category. You could hire an actual artist to create your mural or you can purchase large-scale murals that go up similar to wallpaper. They are cut and arranged according to your bedroom wall’s specific measurements. You can find a number of places online that do this, with everything from classic book covers to fairytale forests to bold works of modern art. The options are seemingly endless, especially if you hire an artist for a truly unique work. No matter the route you take, consider taking one of the more subtle colors from the design and use it for the surrounding walls to tie the whole room together.

If you don’t want a full mural or wallpaper approach, there are a number of smaller transfers — essentially large stickers — that can be used. You can mix and match from multiple sites and artists to create your own unique display. For example, find a transfer of spring tree branches in color bud to frame portions of your wall and maybe use some of those flowering colors as accents in the rest of your room.

Finally, the easiest way to create an accent wall in your bedroom is through the simple use of paint. You can go subtle and choose a color two shades darker than the rest of your walls or you can go bolder and choose a completely different color. Best of all, paint is easy to change as your moods and preferences change, so it’s easy to update your bedroom when you want.

Have fun with the owner’s bedroom suites in your homes in Jordan MN. They’re your chance to express yourself in your own personal hideaway. Make the most of the space and the freedom and you’ll end up with a room that you’ll want to actually spend time in other than sleeping. You’ve got all of that space, so use it! Take a look at some of our bedroom and home designs and start picturing your own accent walls.

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