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Create a Cozy Master Bedroom

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The owner’s suites in the new homes in Lakeville, MN that Key Land Homes is building are designed to be true retreats. This is the place where you can relax after a long day. These tips will help you create the cozy master bedroom you’ve always want:

• Plan before you start buying furnishings. When you buy one of our new homes in Lakeville, MN, you’re starting with a blank canvas. Whether you have all or some of your furniture or you’re going to be purchasing everything new, don’t go shopping until you think through what you want. How do you want your bedroom to look and feel? What’s the purpose of the room—will it be only a place to sleep or will you want a sitting area?

• Decide on a theme. This is the foundation that helps you tie everything together. Do you want casual? Contemporary? Traditional? Romantic?

• Choose your colors. Select colors that you feel are warm and inviting. They may be soft or bold—what counts is that they’re your choice and they reflect your theme.

• Shop for furniture. Keep the measurements of the room in mind, including the basic dimensions, as well as where doors and windows are. Don’t crowd the room with furniture; allow plenty of space for moving around without bumping into things.

• Plan your lighting. Lighting is a key element of interior design. The lighting in your bedroom should be flexible enough to accommodate your routine and needs. Consider a main light fixture to illuminate the entire room; bedside table lamps for reading in bed; and a standing lamp for a sitting area.

• Tie it together with accents. With the fundamentals in place, it’s time to choose window coverings, bedding, wall hangings, floor coverings, mirrors and other items that reflect your personality and will make this room the cozy space you want

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