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Container Gardening Ideas

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A covered front porch is one of the great features you’ll find in the new homes in Chaska MN built by Key Land Homes. Not only do they protect you from the elements on less than sunny days, but they can also be a nice spot to sit outside and relax and chat with passing neighbors. No matter how much time you spend on your porch, beautiful container plants make your entrance welcoming to you and your guests. Here are some ideas that work on any porch or patio where you want to add a finishing touch.

Succulents are one of the highly popular types of plants for container gardening in recent years. They are low-maintenance and come in an attractive mix of shapes and colors that pair beautifully together. If you plant them in low, narrow, rectangular boxes, they work well as a border at the edge of open areas of a patio or porch.

If you have a railing that you want to dress up, there are special types of plant containers that are made to hang over the sides of a railing, much like window boxes. Fill these containers with trailing vine-type plants with thick foliage and colorful flowers to get a lush, draped effect.

Large statement pots not only make a big impact, but they also have room to include multiple types of plants. Ornamental grasses are ideal in container gardening, because they are an easy way to add height to an arrangement. You can hide the base of the grasses with a ring of blooming flowers that can be changed out as the blooms fade.

One of the great things about container gardening is that you can use a variety of unexpected containers to add whimsy and personality to new homes in Chaska MN. A classic child’s wagon is a great way to display a variety of colorful blooms. Beach pails, barrels, and even a chest of drawers can all be used to create unique arrangements. They key is to make sure whatever you use has proper drainage, even if you have to drill a few holes yourself.

With container gardening, you can have a few hardier, long-lasting plants that serve as a foundation, and then take advantage of the containers and add in new blooming plants as the previous blooms fade out. You can easily add new plants to fit the changing seasons and even create special color themes for holidays, birthdays, and other special events.

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