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Community Profile: Knob Hill Villas

There’s a new community of Lakeville MN homes coming to town and we’re sure you’re going to love it: Knob Hill Villas. Increasingly, people are reassessing the one-story home and the number of benefits it provides. Knob Hill Villas offers exceptional one-level living in a city that is highly desirable for everything from low crime to great attractions.

One-story living is particularly of interest for older home buyers who may not want to deal with stairs multiple times a day. Having everything on one level is convenient and more comfortable and offers greater accessibility.

Yet one-story homes are also appealing to young families, for similar reasons. Parents with young children worry about the safety of stairs and appreciate not having to be concerned about the risks of unsteady toddlers or too-adventurous young children.

No matter your age, one-story living is simply more convenient. You aren’t running up and down stairs because you’ve forgotten an item and you’re not having to lug laundry baskets or vacuum cleaners and other awkward items up and down the stairs on a regular basis. Everything you need is typically on one level.

The homes at Knob Hill Villas community typically range from two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage. The homes are sized between 1,500 square feet and just under 1,900 square feet. They’re ideal for people who don’t need extra large homes, but still want space for their daily needs. The thoughtful layouts and architectural designs of these homes provide style and comfort, with features like tray ceilings in the entry foyers, sun rooms, and back patios. Some of the larger homes even include a flex room for additional convenience.

Key Land Homes builds homes that easily fit your lifestyle, understanding the needs of daily life, as well as the desire for decorative features that make a home feel special. Plus, as this is a brand new community, you can choose from the various home designs available and make some of the choices on the finishes to the homes to truly make the home your own.

If you’re interested in the new community of Lakeville MN homes at Knob Hill Villas, be sure to add your name to the Sign Up list to ensure you’re kept up to date on the latest news, and dates for claiming your lot, potential price deals, and determining your ideal home. With it’s great location so close to the Twin Cities, but still located in charming Lakeville, Knob Hill Villas is going to be a desirable place to call home.

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