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Colors to Make Your Front Door Stand Out

If you’ve purchased one of Key Land’s new homes in Savage MN and are putting the finishing touches on it, you may be thinking about front door colors. Not everyone puts a lot of thought into it, choosing something neutral and traditional, but a front door with a stand-out color can really add to your home’s curb appeal. Here are a few colors to consider.

Green is taking the design world by storm this year, with Pantone’s Greenery named color of the year. This color works particularly well with grey and white siding, but also pops prettily against earthier tones. If it’s just too bright a shade of green for you, you can always turn to the darker, elegant Kelly green. It still makes an impact, particularly on light-colored homes ranging from warmer sandy tones to crisp grey.

It’s autumn now and what better color to consider than a rich orange. It is surprisingly modern when paired with pale grey homes and is a great focal point on white homes. However, you probably want to avoid it with warm, earthy siding colors.

If you like the warmth of orange, but just don’t know if you could live with it year-round, there’s always the classic red door. It may be a popular color, but you can add some new life to it by choosing a real fire engine red. That looks particularly vivid against charcoal grey siding.

On the other hand, if you’re drawn to cool, crisp colors, consider shades such as teal or a dark, almost navy blue. Both work with just about any home color and really pop when set against a pure white trim. Many of the Key Land new homes in Savage MN feature attractive front porches, and it’s a nice touch to carry the teal color of the door onto the ceiling of the porch, creating a sky-like effect.

From pale sunshine yellow to a deep dark purple, there’s no shortage of fun colors that can be used on your front door to give your home its own personality. Best of all, doors are fairly easy and inexpensive to paint, so you can update your home’s look on a regular basis, just with a simple change of color.

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