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Closet Storage: The Dos and Don’ts

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No matter the size of your closet, it is easy to let things get out of hand and for clutter to build up and clothing to get lost in piles. Key Land’s new homes in Chaska MN feature a variety of closet options and if you want to make the most of every inch, here are some dos and don’ts for keeping your closets organized so that everything you need is right there at your fingertips, especially on those hurried mornings.

First and foremost, don’t let clutter build up. Those empty shoeboxes, plastic wrappers from the dry cleaner, broken shoes, and clothing that doesn’t fit all needs to be tossed. It all gets in the way and makes it harder to reach the things you want or to even know what you have.

Instead, you should go through your closets and make sure you’re still wearing or using everything that goes into your closet. If you have seasonal clothing, use special boxes and baskets to organize seasonal items together and store them up on a high shelf out of the way until it is time to change out your wardrobe for the next season.

There’s usually at least one person in every household that has a fondness for shoes and the collection to prove it. Don’t let your shoes end up in piles on the floor of your closet, where they can get damaged and lost amid the chaos. Most people start out with one or two shoe racks, but they rarely seem to provide enough storage. Make sure you have enough racks, boxes, or hanging storage to hold all of your shoes in an orderly fashion and leave a few spaces for new shoes that will inevitably join the mix. Don’t forget about shoe storage that hangs on the back of the closet door. These compartment bags are great for storing flip flops, running shoes, flats, and even some high heels. That can leave more space on the shoe racks for boots and other shoes that don’t fit in the bag.

If you’re preparing to move into one of the new homes in Chaska MN, now is the time to invest in quality clothing hangers if you haven’t already. Get rid of all of those wire hangers and mismatched hangers that make it hard to reach or see individual pieces. Buy matching hangers and then use washi tape to color code your closet. You can group items however you like, such as long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, by clothing color, by season or by individual pieces that you can mix and match. Choose the method that will be the most convenient for you when you’re getting dressed each day.

Moving into a new home is a great chance to start fresh and organized from day one. Even if you’re already moved in, take the time to make sure everything has its own space and is grouped with like items. You’ll save yourself precious time each day.

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