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CityPlace Is Woodbury’s Mall of the Future

The mall of yesteryear may still have its fans, but as times change and people’s shopping habits change, the mall of the future must also change. Recognizing these new dynamics, CityPlace is taking a new look at what people want and need. If you’re purchasing one of the homes for sale in Woodbury MN, you could be just the kind of client that CityPlace is looking to attract.

With busy schedules and a desire to make the most of their free time, people increasingly turn to online shopping for the bulk of their needs. Clothing, gifts, small appliances, books, and more are easily purchased from the comfort of home or during a break at work. As a result, shopping malls have lost their allure. When people do go, it’s often for just one store and there’s little attention paid to other stores in passing.

Recognizing the change in how people shop and live, CityPlace, whose success has been recognized nationally, meets the needs of today’s Woodbury residents. Less focus is on retail, turning instead to services, work, and dining. Gone are the big anchor retail giants, as well as the vast parking lots. CityPlace has a cozier, more community-like atmosphere where people can take care of their non-shopping needs in one place.

CityPlace isn’t without retail stores, but these are for items that people are less likely to purchase online, such as fine jewelry and mattresses. Whole Foods will also be opening in the near future. Rather than focusing on traditional retail, much of CityPlace is devoted to services, something you can’t buy online. Nearly a third of all of the businesses at the new mall are service oriented, such as an exercise studio, nail salon, barbershop, cooking school, bank, and medical offices. There are also fast-casual restaurants, such as Chipotle, Piada Italian Street Food, Caribou Coffee, and Qdoba Mexican Grill.

The idea is that people go for an exercise or cooking class, stop for a coffee or to pick up dinner to go, and take care of some banking, all in one location. This is the kind of mall experience that today’s customers find useful. The variety of businesses encourages more cross-shopping, because people can take care of multiple needs in one location. Anyone who has purchased one of the homes for sale in Woodbury MN will find CityPlace to be incredibly useful and convenient.

This is the mall of the future. CityPlace proves that the concept of a mall — a one-stop destination — is still valid, but the types of businesses that draw people in have changed. The internet has made shopping more convenient and CityPlace is focused on making our offline lives more convenient, as well.

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