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Busting the Biggest Myths About Living in the Suburbs

Living in a big city definitely has plenty of appeal. There’s the vitality of all the people around you, not to mention the easy access to art exhibits, quality shopping, and great food and drink. You also probably have a relatively short commute if you’re making use of public transport or live near your office. Yet more people are starting to purchase Lakeville MN homes, making the move to the suburbs. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider such a move for yourself.

First off, there’s the fear that the suburbs are simply boring. Just rows of houses and little to do. The reality is quite different. You’ll find that communities, such as Knob Hill, just to name one in which you’ll find Key Land Homes, often have residents that come together to get to know each other. Even in these times of social distancing, many neighbors have taken the opportunity to look out for more elderly neighbors, while also creating safe events for the kids and the adults. In suburbs across the country, people have been creating movie nights outside, letting people bring their own chairs, food and drink for a fun way to pass an evening. In the process, you get to know your neighbors. Even in years past, many neighborhoods often hold street parties of one form or another to help people get to know each other.

Activities aren’t just neighborhood driven. You’ll find plenty of local organizations putting on events, ranging from fundraising spaghetti nights to farmers markets to holiday markets. Some areas, thanks to quieter streets, do skate nights or group runs. You’ll be surprised to find just how much there is to do in the suburbs.

While you may be used to going to major art exhibits in the big city, you’ll still find plenty of culture in the suburbs. Local theater groups are often surprisingly good and serious about their productions, with a variety of groups and troupes performing a range of material. In some cases, you could even get involved, either on stage or backstage, further enhancing the experience. You’ll also find a growing number of galleries and museums in the suburbs, or at least not far away. Any time you have a college or university nearby, you’ll typically find museums and exhibits. Lakeville itself has the Lakeville Area Historical Society and the Dakota City Heritage Village, but you’re also still just a short drive from the Twin Cities for bigger exhibits.

In fact, that leads us to the final myth, that commutes are too long. The average commute from Lakeville to Minneapolis is around 26 minutes thanks to freeways that connect Lakeville and other suburbs to the city. That makes working in the city and living in the suburbs more than doable. Plus, it means you can easily get into the city for the additional perks, so you’re not really leaving anything behind.

While it’s certainly possible to raise kids in the city or find decent-sized apartments, you’ll find a lot more space for everyone when you choose one of the Lakeville MN homes. Yards and quiet streets, paired with beautiful, spacious homes soon make you realize some of the many benefits of living in the suburbs. With the addition of a surprising amount of culture, activities, and plenty of unique shopping and dining options, you’ll soon realize that the myth of the boring suburbs is one that deserves to be busted! If you’ve been considering a move in 2021, contact us today to help you learn more about the great benefits of living in the ‘burbs in one of Key Land’s outstanding homes.

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