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Big Trends in Home Decor for 2021

With all of the time we’ve been spending in our homes in Lakeville MN this past year, many people are looking to Key Land Homes for a brand new home to better fit their lifestyle. Others simply want to update some of the rooms in their home that have maybe become a bit boring. Whether you’re starting fresh or looking for an update, here are some of the big interior design trends for 2021.

Overall, you’re going to see a great return to nature, in materials, colors, and finishes. Cottagecore, a design trend that pulls in lots of natural prints on fabrics, wallpapers, wall art, and more, looks to aspects of nature and romanticized agriculture for its inspiration. Bring the outdoors in and make it cozy with large potted plants, sofas in grass-print fabrics, and gallery walls of scientific ornithological or agricultural prints found in old books.

If you prefer to keep prints limited, turn instead to a bold wall color to make some of those pictures really pop. This year, a deep, dark green wall is a bold but popular choice. These are not emerald greens of recent years; these are almost gray greens that are surprisingly elegant and look perfect as the backdrop for many of the other decor trends of this year, many of which include lighter shades of natural wood.

In fact, those lighter shades of wood and rustic edges are part of the Japandi style, that combines the minimalism and naturalism of Japanese and Scandinavian style. Think clean lines, such as a simple soaking tub in your owner’s suite, with a birch stool (that looks hand carved but doesn’t need to be) next to the tub and a few tall potted ferns in natural-woven baskets for a simple, relaxing spa experience.

In the bathroom or the kitchen, consider copper taps for a wonderful vintage statement. Another vintage element also appearing in many homes this year is a vintage mirror, preferably also with a burnished copper frame. Let it help reflect natural light and give your entry, half-bath or family room a greater sense of openness and style.

In the kitchen, cabinets are trending to a deep, dark, blue, once again with the same grayish undertones as the dark green for the walls. Set against white tiles and light-gray-toned wood floors, it’s elegant, rather than oppressive and looks fantastic. Plus, the darker shade might hide a few smudges that lighter kitchens tend to put on display!

Finally, there’s a bit of a return to the 1970s with things like dried flower arrangements and macramé wall hangings. You’ll see arrangements of wheat, lavender, hessian, delphinium, and broom, with some dyed in colors such as charming blues that contrast beautifully against the lighter shades of the other plants, while adding a modern touch to the previously brown/beige-heavy display. Similarly, macramé has received an update, becoming simple but stylish wall-hangings devoid of owl shapes and less likely to be used for potted plants. Instead, they mimic much of the natural world with rustic branches from which woven patterns and leaf shapes hang.

These are a few of the popular trends for the homes of Lakeville MN in 2021. As you get to the stage of choosing your finishing touches on your brand new Key Land home or want to simply update some of your existing rooms, find inspiration in these ideas, mixing and matching the trends that best suit you.

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