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Benefits of Single-Story Living

A two-story home may seem traditional and the kind of layout that provides more space and privacy, yet single-story homes can easily offer space and privacy. In fact, more home buyers are looking toward single-story homes these days, across the generations. If you’re considering purchasing one of the new homes in Lakeville MN, consider the many benefits of living in a single-story home.

The lack of stairs is considered a major benefit for many home buyers, and not just older homeowners. Many parents with young children appreciate the extra safety of not having stairs that could be dangerous to babies and toddlers. It’s also easier for family pets as they get older. A lack of stairs isn’t just a safety benefit, though. It’s more convenient for everyone in the home, especially when it comes to everything from loads of laundry to vacuuming. Not having to carry items up and down stairs – or having to make multiple trips because you forgot something – just makes life easier.

One benefit that may not be as obvious is the fact that single-story homes typically save on energy costs. With just one story, and the potential to heat certain parts of the home as needed, you have less to heat. This can save you money, especially on heating bills in Minnesota winters.

You’ll also find that single-story homes often have more natural light, especially if your neighbors’ homes are single-story, as well. Ceilings may be higher and there’s often the chance for more or larger windows, letting in plenty of natural light all year long.

The overall layout still offers similar privacy as a two-story home, as the bedrooms are usually grouped in the same section of the home, separate from the main living area. Single-story homes typically have at least two- to three-bedrooms and two bathrooms. The main living area is often an open-plan layout that is ideal for entertaining, as well as simply spending time with the family. Plus, overall maintenance is often easier with everything on one level and with fewer dividing walls.

Ultimately, you’ll find that single-story homes often have high resale value, too. With more people understanding the benefits of living in a single-story home, there’s a strong likelihood that your home will increase in value in the coming years, especially when you choose one of our new homes in Lakeville MN in the Knob Hill Villas community. If you’d like to explore more of the benefits of single-story living, contact us today to learn about our floor plans and the available options.

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