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Backsplash Ideas for Your New Home

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. As well as being the place where meals are made, it’s also frequently the place where conversations happen, friends come together, and families bond. The kitchen is the heart of almost any home, so when you’re looking at new homes in Prior Lake MN, think carefully about how you want your kitchen to look. The backsplash may be in the back of people’s minds when they design a new kitchen, but a thoughtfully chosen backsplash can really make an impact.

In today’s custom kitchen market, you can find backsplashes made of just about any material. Tile, glass, wood, metal, and stone are just some of the materials going into today’s backsplashes, though tile still remains the most popular. After all, it is easy to clean and offers a variety of color and pattern options. Subway tile has been become a highly popular backsplash material, but you don’t have to stick with traditional horizontal bands. If you have a tall backsplash area, take advantage of the space and create vertical bands and even herringbone patterns.

Natural stone and glass have gained in popularity over the years and offer up a wealth of possibilities when it comes to creating a kitchen backsplash. Many designers and homeowners are creating stylish combinations of stone and glass or even pairing them with more traditional tile. The end result is eye-catching but still elegant. Natural stone for the majority of the backsplash can be accented by glass tiles in complementary or statement colors.

When it comes to colors, many new homes in Prior Lake MN are having fun with their color combinations. One Key Land home evokes an Art Deco look with their use of a smokey gray tile offset by a white band of tile inlaid with glass pebbles. The effect is elegant and stylish, without being overstated. Of course, if you love color, you can choose from a solid backsplash of brightly color tiles, bands of patterned tiles, or even mix and match the tile colors to create your own patterns, be they checkerboard or Mondrian inspired.

With new home builders such as Key Land Homes, you can work with their design studio to help you find the perfect materials for your kitchen backsplash and so much more. After all, the heart of the home should reflect your spirit and style

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