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2018’s Hottest Décor Trends

If you’re moving into one of the homes in Savage MN and want to change up your interior style, now is the perfect time. With the fresh canvas of a new home, it’s easy to incorporate more of the latest and hottest décor trends. That doesn’t mean you have to completely redecorate and get rid of all of your old furniture, though. The key is to take advantage of what you already own, especially when it comes to large pieces, and find ways to update them. Plus, moving into a new home is a great time to consider new furniture arrangements and colors.

One of the hottest colors of 2018 is purple, particularly in some of the softer shades of lilac and lavender. Just as lavender oil is often used to help you relax, consider using the color in rooms where you want to feel soothed and calm. Where better than the bedroom, where you can incorporate these beautiful shades of soft purple into bed linens and drapes or even the wall color.

Another soft yet luxurious design trend is velvet. This trend may die out faster than others, so the safest option is to limit it to throw pillows and other less-expensive items. However, if you choose an elegant neutral shade, such as dark navy blue or a shade of grey, you may be able to get away with it longer on a larger piece like a side chair or even a sofa.

If your design ethos is bigger and bolder is better, there are plenty of hot trends for you this year. Big florals are blooming everywhere, from chair fabrics to wall paper. The flowers should fill the space and be larger than life. In many cases, such as some of the wallpaper, the key is to choose one with a dark, contrasting background with oversized white flowers that really stand out. The limited color palette stops it from being too overwhelming. If florals aren’t your thing, choose a bold graphic geometric print.

While soft lilacs are popular, there’s still a place for big bold colors. Warm colors like red, yellow, and rust are showing up in everything from statement chairs to smaller decorative pieces. These warm colors work surprisingly well with the various grey tones, which remain popular.

If you’re painting the interiors of your homes in Savage MN, consider incorporating a colorful trim. People often limit the trim to white or tone on tone with the walls, but a stronger, contrasting color adds new interest to a room. You don’t have to choose a wild color; a rich mink trim color against a sandy wall or a charcoal grey trim against a dove grey wall all manages to make a statement while remaining elegant and stylish.

Key Land’s design professionals will help you bring your design dreams to life during the building process. Plus, with the stylish floor plans on offer, your home is sure to maintain a timeless beauty, no matter what the trends are.

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